Monday, 30 September 2013

Minor Project: Initial Ideas

What if Boccioni designed the model town/city of the future?

This idea is inspired by the series of speed paint challenges that were made available on the group blog over the summer period. The project would entail designing and modelling a 3D set combining the idea of what our generation believes the future will look like with futurist art style of Umberto Boccioni. This would need to include a consideration of what we believe as a generation will be available technologically.  

Development of a Bottle in Space, 1913

Visioni Simultanee, 1912

Instructional video for the Cold War

Branching off from an idea I had for my Adaptation unit from last year, the idea here would be to create an instructional video on the theme of the Cold War. There are two ways I could take this idea; an informative short based on actual survival guidance published in the 50's and 60's or a more mocking short that would pick out the flaws in survival guidance. Both ideas would focus on environments as a way to relay the information.

Historical Mysteries

A relatively broad subject area I know but bare with me. One thing that always fascinated me growing up, and still does today, are the numerous mysteries and theories that surround historical events, figures, places and civilisations. In essence this project would explore the theories of what happened, in relation to a specific event, and using suggested theories and findings to produce a 3D environment for a video game. A few theories I have a particular interest in include; the remnants of the Knights Templar and the Tunguska Explosion.