Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Maya Street Set

Hi Alan,

My Maya program has been a real pain over the past few days and keeps binning me out when I'm working on the last parts of the set ( I think I know what's wrong) so I've uploaded pictures of what I have managed to complete whilst Maya isn't playing up. All that's left to do for this set are

- the lower windows
- door 
- turning it into a street

Again, apologies for the incompletion but I should hopefully have the final set done and sorted for Wednesday latest.

Friday, 26 November 2010

The Final Concepts

My final three concepts all done:

The Labyrinth
 So for the first concept I decided on the Labyrinth. The changes I made to this one are minimal really. I just faded the clouds a little because they looked to thick.
Goab, The Desert of Colours
For the second concept I made a few changes. First I darkened the sky with some pink and purple to make it look more like dawn and because the clouds are pinkish I had to darken them little with some purple. I also faded the colours of the spirals and the sand river so they weren't so blockish and flowed better. The last change I made was to change the scale of the figure so that I could get a good representation of the size of the desert.

The Silver City
The final concept had a few changes too. I added a tree line to the tops of the hills for added texture; the foreground looked a little blank. I also added roof details to the city and windows to make it look more like a city and not just blank buildings.

The Final Influence Map

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Concept 3: Continued

So I've started adding some colour and lighting to the piece now. This particular scene is a night time celebration so a lot of colour and light will be coming from the city. The colours of the hills are good so far and the lighting is making the piece look much better.

Concept 3: Start

So far just the base shapes and composition which I think are working well at the moment (please excuse the green blob) The city is in definite need of a touch up, it's too blockish.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Some new drawings

Here are some of the visualisation I've done in rough for the third extract. I particularly like the view of the Silver City (fourth down) for it's open spaces and potential for colour and depth.

The Grassy Ocean
The forest chapel
Approach to the Silver City
The Silver City
Street in the Silver City

Influence map 8 & 9:Hills, forests and lakes

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Extract 3 Thumbnails: Part 1

Here is the first set of thumbnails for the third extract of The NeverEnding Story

Concept 2: Continued

So I've started to add colour to the piece now and it's looking good so far. I decided that as this is a morning piece the colours of the sand dunes should be dulled down a bit as the amount of light is limited at dawn. The stripes running along the sand dunes are spirals of sand circling up to the top to make their form and make them bigger. The yellow section between the dunes is a river of sand supplying each dune with the sand it needs.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Concept 2: Start

The base composition for the second concept. I chose to do the formation of the Desert of Colours because of the idea that giant flowers disintegrated to create it and the potential for a colourful scene.