Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Final Scene (Maya and Matte Painting)

Ta-da! :D


Jon Stewart said...

I like it, but there are things that can be changed.
The panel on the side of the box at an angle makes no sense to me. The boxes where you can't see that panel look way better. Perhaps remove it, or change it up and add it to only 1 or 2 boxes. The 3 boxes that have them on the right all just look too similar.

The foreground wooden panels need a better texture really, I don't really understand what it is. Why is there decking inside a warehouse? Or is it a pallette? In which case it still doesn't read as one. You should try and figure otu what you want it to be, maybe a concrete slab instead of wood.

Just some more changes to improve the scene would really help. Good work though.

Finally, if you can, try and add some deformation and slight curves in the arms. I know you've not rigged or anything yet, but if you select the verts, and use soft selection in the rotate tool set, you might be able to make them all feel a little different instead of so rigid.

Michael said...

Hi Jon

Thanks I'll get right on it.

As for the wood panels in the foreground they are meant to be pallettes. I'll try and work in a different texture instead.

Jon Stewart said...

Just check references mate, always use ref. It looks like a varnished and painted piece of wood. :D

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