Monday, 2 May 2011

Cells In A New Light

Having looked at some images of cells and viruses I feel I have become particularly drawn towards the idea of them being aquatic creatures. Many shapes and forms of these microorganisms are fluid and natural giving a sense that they can glide through liquids with relative ease.

If we look at the structure of this virus model, it is easy to see what I mean about microorganisms looking as though they are aquatic creatures. The virus structure has a very squid/octopus aesthetic, with multiple appendages surrounding its base and a large head structure.

Looking at the white blood cell, it has the appearance of some form of coral organism, or even that of a sea urchin. At a stretch it also looks as though it could also be a puffer fish. The uneven and bumped surface raises the potential for spikes in an inflated or erect state.

At the same time the cells retain an essence of unfamiliarity and alienation, which is rather odd considering we humans are composed of them. The idea that these are not images and forms we see on a regular basis possibly accounts for this feeling of alienation and it is an interesting point to keep in mind.  

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