Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Adaptation: Initial Landscape Designs

Following on from Phil's advice on designing the garden from the ground up, I have drawn out some rough floor plans of how the garden is going to look. This will make it easier to identify what is going where in the garden and take out the guess work when it comes to concepts and modelling. 

However modelling out the entire garden is a large and potentially overwhelming task, so I have decided to look at one portion of the garden; the lawn.  

I started by laying out the paths for the garden (above) but trying to place key features around the paths was proving to be a challenge. So instead I have decided to build the garden around the key features and then layout the paths. I have taken some extracts from the book to help identify some key features so that I can build the garden around them. These are as follows:

- Yews down two sides of the lawn
- to the right a greenhouse
- from each corner a path that twisted to some other depths
- tall fir tree (corner of the lawn)
- outermost paths

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