Monday, 28 October 2013

Minor Project: The Game Mechanic's and Premise

The idea for the game is to create a digital set for an open world 'sandbox' video game based upon the Salvador Dali painting 'The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory' (1952-1954) below

The painting was Dali's response to the 1945 atomic bomb explosions, which became a topic of interest to him in the years following the event. He based this painting off of the notion that matter was made up of atoms that did not touch one another and thus the imagery in the painting is not only distorted but fragmented also, looking like a series of floating platforms.

In the sense of the games direction and how it would play out, I have decided to play off of the idea of a world that is becoming distorted and fragmented, and translate that into an explorable environment where the player is needed to restore the world to its original state. 

The game will centre around 'distortions', temporal anomalies that cause a certain area and everything in it to become warped, with different time zones; past, present and future clashing and altering the environment to impede the player's progress.

In order to progress through the game the player will have access to a relic with an ability that will allow them to combat and manipulate the environment. However, in order to prevent the player from progressing to the later stages of the game too early, the ability will need to be upgraded by exploring other distorted areas and finding similar relics that add further affects. 

The Premise

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