Monday, 13 December 2010

Alternative idea

Just in case the idea I'm going with isn't quite right I have a secondary, back-up idea just as a precaution. So far this idea is only in a mental stage but it is similar to my current one.

Instead of the set being an abandoned warehouse illuminated by an exterior light through a collapsed roof, I was think of patching the set up and making it look like a working factory at night. Replacing the majority of the larger objects would be industrial machines all of which would be inactive due to worker having left which still keeps the sense of abandonment. There would be a light emitting from one of the distant machines and the lights above it would be on but be quite dim.

I'll get a few drawings of what I have envisioned for this idea up asap just so it explains things a bit clearer and shows what I'm trying to get at.


tutorphil said...

Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

Hey Michael,

Solid body of work so far - it was great to see Degas getting some appreciation! :D

The warehouse environment has lots of potential for an atmospheric final image, but I keep circling the same 'absence' - which is, what kind of warehouse is it? Or rather, what is in all those boxes? Is there an opportunity here - in answering this question - to add in another layer of unease? You suggest that maybe you'll change your idea so that it's a factory, more than a warehouse - again - what kind of factory? If it was a factory that made prosthetic limbs, for instance, the potential for uncanny effect would be obvious. (sorry about this one, but you get the point...)

I just think you should consider the potential of asking - then answering the question: 'what is the purpose of this factory/warehouse?' It may offer up previously unexplored opportunities.

tutorphil said...

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