Sunday, 12 December 2010

Initial Concept

I have finally created an initial concept from the research I've gathered. It's a start but there definitely so things I want and need to change in it.

For starters the angle in the piece isn't really satisfying me; it feels a little cliche so I'm going to have a little play around with it, try and make it look more dramatic, maybe use an unusual place to view the scene from like atop the shelves or even under them.

As for the objects in the scene, I want to have less shelving units, maybe restrict it to 2 or 3 and have some of them falling apart and collapsing. There aren't any degraded box or crates in this as of yet but I plan to include some to make the scene feel more abandoned but no so much that the scene feels too empty. As for the light on the ceiling, I'm thinking that could be hanging a bit lower and a little tilted.

In terms of lighting the main source will be coming in from the caved in roof. I want the scene to be somewhat reminiscent to Hopper and Degas' 'caught in the moment' idea so I want there to be some 'mangled' debris dropping from the hole and around it's edge which I hope will also create so interesting shadows. I'm not sure whether to add a dim light coming from the light on the ceiling because it might play havoc with some of the shadows I want from the hole in the roof.

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