Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Model and Metaphors: Initial Ideas

Here are some of the ideas I have come up with as starting points for each theme;

Crime & Detective
- Chalk outline drawn around the Sky Movies Crime & Thriller logo. Camera pans out to view the whole outline. Sky Movies Crime & Thriller logo materialises from the chalk drawing.

Action Hero
- Hero standing on top of a building overlooking a city. Sirens start becoming audible in the background, blue lights moving across the screen in the streets below. Light signal turns on, camera moves up to view the logo of Sky Movies Action & Adventure.

Wild West
- Salon doors swinging back and forth coming to a gradual stop. Printed on the door is the Sky Movies logo, worn out like old paint.

- Tumbleweed rolling in from one side of the screen. Camera follows to a certain point before the Sky Movies logo appears from the dust clouds left behind by the tumbleweed.

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