Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Models and Metaphors

Closing in on the end of my second year and with it one final five week project; Models and Metaphors. This project will entail the creation of a 10 second sting ad for a specified TV channel that promotes a themed week. In my case, I have been provided with Sky Movies and a choice of the following three themes for the sting ad;

- Crime & Detective
- Action Hero
- Wild West (Western's)

The sting is required to feature the following components;

- The sting must contain a CG component(s)
- It must be 10 seconds in length
- it must contain a suitable audio sting using royalty free source music
- The sting 'must' contain the 'channel logo'
- The channel logo must be viewable at the end of the 10 second sting

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