Monday, 14 October 2013

Minor Project: New Ideas

Following from a chat with Phil about my Templar idea, it was decided that there was a limited amount of wriggle room in terms of designing an environment. Due to a lack of personal style it would ultimately have ended up being a castle or fort which isn't really that interesting to look and thinking about, not a project that would have sustained my interest.

Instead, Phil recommended that I look back at my past projects and work on a project that helps improve my skills. Ideally this would be a project that requires me to explore it entirely through visuals, exploring concepts and ideas. In turn this would help me to better translate the concepts into a 3D environment.

An idea I had was surrounding the surrealist movement and incorporating the fantastical, dream like imagery into an environment for a game.

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tutorphil said...

Okay - promising - but let's see more potential ideas on here, Mike - go, go, go!


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