Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Life Drawing: Week 2

A few more drawings form our second life drawing session. 
Figure 1
Ok, so figure 1 was another 30 minute drawing that we started with. This time my main focus was to look at lighting as well as shape. I think I got the proportions quite nicely here possibly with the exception of the head which looks smaller than it should be. The addition of the lighting really helped to make the drawing more 'real' than the one I drew in the previous session which I'm quite pleased with. 
Figure 2
Figure 2 is a mixture of four drawings each about 10 minutes long. These were done to look specifically at different parts of the body. This time I looked at the hand, breasts and arms, leg and lower body.

The hand was just a simple quick sketch with no lighting or much detail. The aim here was to get and idea for the shape of the hand and to improve on drawing fingers, which I think was more successful than the previous weeks attempt.

The breasts and arms were quite quick and simple to draw as well. This time I worked in some shadows using a heavier pencil, just so that the body parts could be told apart.

The leg drawing was in my opinion the least successful due to the thigh looking much larger in comparison with the lower leg and foot. Again I working in more shading with a heavy pencil to capture some of the legs muscles and bone structure.

Another simple sketch this time of the lower body looking at the shape of both legs. The right knee proved to be a little challenging due to it's odd shape from the angle I was drawing from so it took a couple of tries to get it but it worked out well in the end.
Figure 3
Figure 3 is the final sketch of the session. This time instead of drawing out exactly what we saw with curves and smooth lines, we were challenged to draw the model using four and three sided shapes in a sort of cubist style. I enjoyed this drawing because it made me look at the body in simple shapes which actually helped me to draw the model much faster. I stuck to larger shapes rather than smaller ones in order to cut out any unwanted details and then added some shading to it to make it look more 3D. 

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