Sunday, 26 September 2010

Photoshop tutorial: Boars tusks

Here are both the pieces I worked on during the first photoshop session. This is the second time I have used photoshop for painting so the drawing may need some more work. 
Boar tusk
This is the first of the two paintings I created and is a quick study of the boars tusk. It took a while to figure out where all the brush types were and this was really just and experimental piece just so I could get used to using the drawing tablet again. 

Boars lower jaw with tusk and teeth
The second painting I made was based on the lower jaw of one of the boar skeleton images I found previously. For this painting I was trying to go for an X-ray approach but the colours were too solid to make it work that way. The tusk came quite well on this one and the teeth did as well but as for the jaw itself I think that could use a little more blending.

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