Thursday, 23 September 2010

Life Drawing: Week 1

Here are the first of the life drawings done in our first session.

Figure 1

Figure 1 was a 30 minute drawing of a single pose. In this drawing I was focusing on getting the proportions and shapes of the body correct rather than looking at lighting and shadows. The angles of the feet made them harder to get right so it took several attempts to get them how they look now. Other than that there weren't really any other problems I had with this piece.

Figure 2

Figure 2 consists of three 20 minute drawings focused on specific areas of the models body. For theses I chose to look at the legs and left foot, the right arm and body and then the back.

As I was drawing the legs and left foot I was focusing on the curves and lines of the legs and foot and also used the time we had to practice drawing toes. The leg lines were very smooth and provided lots of curves in the position the model was sat in and i think I managed to show that in the drawing.  I really had a problem getting the size and shape of the front of the foot correct. It took several tries to get right and the toes still look a little blockish.

Next is the right side of the body and again I was looking at the shapes of the body, particularly the curves of the hip, breast and arms. The upper right arm looks a little too curved inwards than I think it actually should be and the fingers could do with a little work. The left arm is hovering in the sketch so I think it might be better to consider adding the either a body line of shoulder line to join it to the rest of the piece.

Finally, the back sketch. I think this one seemed to work quite well and this time I added a little light and shadow to the drawing. I think in this one I needed to define the shoulder blades more so they don't look like folds in the skin.

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