Thursday, 10 March 2011

Story Ideas For 'The Wounded Teapot'

The first ideas for my story...

- The teapot is sitting lonely on a shelf. It hears a commotion and looks up to see another teapot sitting on the table opposite it. It decides to try and get to it but the gap between itself and the table becomes an obstacle. The teapot assess the situation, but realises the only effective way the cross the gap is to jump. With a running start the teapot jumps from its shelf. It successfully makes the jump but as it approaches the other teapot it finds it won't move or interact. Coming to the realisation the other teapot is not living like itself, the teapot becomes upset. (Emotional Wound)

-An alternative is that the secondary teapot is living but rejects the primary teapot. (Emotional Wound)

- Another alternative ending is the teapot failing to reach the table, falling and breaking on the floor, resulting in its disposal. (Physical Wound)

The problem I keep finding with this story is that it is not exploring a practical goal for a teapot, rather it is going off into a crockery based love story. I feel it should be exploring its designed function which is to hold and pour tea, or at least have the teapot aim to do so. Perhaps the teapot could have a goal of being involved in an event that it believes its services are required such as a social event or party

It's also not exploring the 'wounded' nature particularly well. Having an emotionally wounded teapot at the end of the story just doesn't feel like a strong ending. Perhaps it should be 'wounded' from the start and become more so as the story continues.

Just a few ideas to consider...

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