Saturday, 12 March 2011

Story Ideas: Round 2

Having a second crack at creating a story for 'The Wounded Teapot'...

The teapot is sitting on a shelf on a crockery cabinet, bored from months of inactive use. It is covered in a light layer of dust and covered in scratches and fractures. The teapot lets out a sigh. Moments later a commotion begins in the same room as the teapot. Interested to see what all the fuss is about, the teapot looks up to find a multitude of cakes and fancy treats laid out on the table opposite it, surrounded by decorations. Realising that a social gathering is soon to take place the teapot decides to he wants to be involved. Limping toward the edge of his shelf, the teapot jumps down onto the cabinet surface below. To its dismay however it can go no further because of the distance between the cabinet and the table. The teapot is determined however, and assess the situation. Coming to the realisation that jumping is the only way to progress, the teapot limps a few steps back and tries to jump with a running start. As the teapot gets closer to the table, it begins to lose height, falling only inches from the tables edge. The teapot smashes on the floor. Several months later the teapot is sat back on its shelf, having been crudely glued together and covered in dust again. The teapot tries to clear off the dust and in the process the lid handle snaps off. The teapot sighs and the scene fades.

Feeling happier about this version! Still trying to keep it simple because simple is good (sometimes). Still feel it needs a few tweaks though.

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