Monday, 14 March 2011

The Treatment


tutorphil said...

Interim Online Review 21/03/2011

Hey Mike,

I like the pathos of your story - poor teapot - basically you've got a 'lame' animal here, that wants to join in, but can't. And I like the downbeat ending. I don't think you need the teabag detail, as the activity with the other crockery makes the point clear - especially if you have plates of cucumber sandwiches and a cake-stand - your audience will immediately understand why the teapot 'wants in'. In terms of staging, it feels that the teapot smash should happen 'off-stage' - it will also serve to give the reveal of the glued-together teapot more comedic value. It may not even be your intention, but you won't need to tell your audience that its 'several months later' - just cut to the mended teapot - the passing of time is already implied. Remember too that this project is about you looking for opportunities to show your understanding of the principles of animation; therefore, the anticipation before the jump should be where your focus is; think of the the way cats hunker down before they spring; imagine the opportunities for squash and stretch, as the body of the teapot concertinas in readiness for the jump. It is the physicality of the teapot you're trying to express, so make it the focus. Meg will be working with you on Friday to further 'boil down' your story in terms of animation and staging.

tutorphil said...

I'm a bit concerned re. the lack of animation reviews/timeline activity on here - if you leave it to pile up, it will hobble your progress later, and the quality of what you do produce will be poor. Also, there's nothing on here re. your essay proposal, or any Maya exercises. You must keep on top of everything, Mike - or it will swamp you and the quality of everything will suffer.

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