Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Character Design: Briefing

"An eighties Saturday cartoon series is being rebooted and as a character artist you’ve been approached to prepare a ‘Character Design & Animation Bible’ for three of the shows main characters – The Hero, The Villain, and The Sidekick. This encompassing source book will contain a synopsis of the show, expression sheets, and turnarounds for all three characters."

"Typically cartoons of the 1980s comprise multiple genres or a ‘mash up’ of ideas. Therefore each ‘artist’ will start with a random set of genres."

"Each week you will be given an assignment to be completed for next week’s class. These will slowly increase your understanding of character design and add to your ‘Character Bible’."

Character Design Classes
Week 1: Introduction to Character Design
Week 2: Building Blocks of Character Design – Shapes & Proportions
Week 3: Drawing in the Third Dimension
Week 4: Drawing Stuff
Week 5: Personality: The Spark of Life
Week 6: Distinctive Characters
Week 7: Monsters & Creatures
Week 8: Working in the Real World
Week 9: Setting the Scene
Week 10: Submission

"You are asked to keep an up-to-date daily blog archiving and annotating your creative development in order that the client can view the progress of the show. You should use the blog to reflect critically upon creative practise, whilst showcasing your research, development, methodology, and sketches for critique and discussion."

Submission Requirements:
Completed character design bible containing:
- Three fully resolved characters – Hero, Villain, & Sidekick
- A synopsis of the show
- Expression Sheets
- Turnarounds
- Completed weekly tasks

Blog & development work - A fully up-to-date blog containing your research, development, methodology, sketches, and finalised designs

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