Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Character Design Tutorial: Shapes & Proportions

In todays character workshop we learnt about shapes and proportions used to construct characters. The three essential shapes to be used in character design are squares, circles and triangles. Each of these also represents a particular stereotype within characters too:

Square - Heroic and strong
Circle - Innocent and cute
Triangle - Villainous and evil

We also learnt that combinations of these shapes can represent something entirely different. Take for instance the square and triangle. These two could represent a dangerous hero (like batman) or a strong villain.

Following on from this we dove straight into another drawing task in which we were given iconic characters and asked to take a different shape and apply it to that character. I got Malificent, who is composed of triangles, and applied a circles to her.

I had a little trouble to begin with as I was over using the circle which made Malificent a little odd. Justin then showed be that by rounding off the spikes on her design a little we still had Malificent's figure but a little more softer.

This made Malificent look more 'elegant' in a flowing curved dress as though she were attending a royal ball.

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