Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Maya Street Set

Hi Alan,

My Maya program has been a real pain over the past few days and keeps binning me out when I'm working on the last parts of the set ( I think I know what's wrong) so I've uploaded pictures of what I have managed to complete whilst Maya isn't playing up. All that's left to do for this set are

- the lower windows
- door 
- turning it into a street

Again, apologies for the incompletion but I should hopefully have the final set done and sorted for Wednesday latest.

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Alan Postings said...

Hi Michael

Looks like you are few steps behind. Maya often has complications of this kind which is why you should be saving your work regularly. The University takes a hard line on this matter and will not take into consideration these events come assessment. You next project is all CG so no 'binning'.

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