Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Labyrinth

Photoshop creation number two from the thumbnails of extract 1 of The NeverEnding Story. In this scene I have decided to look at the Labyrinth, " ... an enormous garden, extending from horizon to horizon and filled with the most bewitching scents and dream-like colours. Broad avenues and narrow paths twined their way  among copses, lawns and beds of the rarest, strangest flowers in a design so artful and intricate that the whole plain resembled an enormous maze."

This piece, for me, was all about the exploration and use of colour. I felt it had to be vivid with not a great deal of detail in order to depict what the extract describes as 'dream-like' and to create the atmosphere of this piece resembling a dream. Just as a personal observation (and feel free to disagree if you think so) the flower beds have an almost Cezanne feel to them in regard to the brush strokes. They feel heavy and immediate which brings out the shades of colour quite nicely. 

Skull and Book - Cezanne

One of the downsides I see in this painting is probably the lack of sky as the sunset has a powerful use of colour which would be ideal for a visualisation of this description. I think I'll consider lowering the horizon in order to achieve this.

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