Friday, 26 November 2010

The Final Concepts

My final three concepts all done:

The Labyrinth
 So for the first concept I decided on the Labyrinth. The changes I made to this one are minimal really. I just faded the clouds a little because they looked to thick.
Goab, The Desert of Colours
For the second concept I made a few changes. First I darkened the sky with some pink and purple to make it look more like dawn and because the clouds are pinkish I had to darken them little with some purple. I also faded the colours of the spirals and the sand river so they weren't so blockish and flowed better. The last change I made was to change the scale of the figure so that I could get a good representation of the size of the desert.

The Silver City
The final concept had a few changes too. I added a tree line to the tops of the hills for added texture; the foreground looked a little blank. I also added roof details to the city and windows to make it look more like a city and not just blank buildings.

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