Monday, 1 November 2010

Unit 2 essay idea

Okay so I have to admit I'm quite liking the topic for our new essay assignment. Production design is something that really interests me and I love looking at concept art in particular for pretty much everything that uses it.

In response to what I actually want to write about, I have decided to look at something different to all the popular choices like Avatar and instead take a more personal approach by looking at and analysing the production design of one of the games that stirred my interest in CG arts to begin with. The game that I'm talking about is Fable II, an action role-playing game developed by Lionhead Studios in 2008.

I chose this because as far as games go, it includes some of the most incredible landscapes and designs I have seen. From towns to swamps and everything in between, they are all well designed and look beautiful.

As far as research goes, I intend to watch the games development diaries and video documentaries, as well as make use of the images I have from a bonus content disc from the game. Looking at the reviews of the game may also be an advantage to see what others have said that I didn't pick up on and as a source of quotable critique.

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