Sunday, 13 February 2011

Character Biographies

The Clown (a.k.a Honkers)

Honkers was born into a family of clowns within the circus that he lives in today. He comes from a long line of some of the world's most famous clowns and as such he was expected to be one of the best too. At the age of five he managed to create his first flawless balloon animal, and soon after he perfected his juggling skills. However, at the age of ten, Honkers was involved in a terrible clowning accident involving a banana peel and a juggling ball which rendered him unconscious. After awakening he finds that his magnificent clowning talents are gone leaving him to gain the reputation of "The Worst Clown of all Time". As he grew older he was teased by the other clowns for his lack of talent and 'funny' thus driving his dream to one day make a comeback and prove everyone wrong. In his early thirties, Honkers has been kicked out of the circus and been disowned, leaving him to fend in the gutter. It is here that he meets his future genius performance partner. The two concoct a routine that was highly entertaining and brilliant, but will this routine ensure Honkers' revival as a successful clown or will it end in disaster?

The Clownfish (a.k.a Einstein)

Originally owned by an partially illiterate five year old, Einstein decided to take the responsibility of naming himself after his owner chose to call him Stripes (only in the child's drawings it was always spelt Strips). Naturally gifted and a genius in every subject imaginable, Einstein felt that his talent was being wasted, entertaining a child with the attention span of pigeon and so he devised a brilliantly incomprehensible plan to make his getaway. Once free, he winds up in a broken glass full of rain water in a back alley, not much to his liking. But it was here that Einstein meets his failed clown companion. The two concoct a routine that was highly entertaining and brilliant, but will this routine make good use of Einstein's genius or will his new partner exploit him?

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