Friday, 4 February 2011

Initial Story Collaboration

Collaborating ideas with Andriana over Facebook.


first up is the clinically depressed clown who's being treated in a lab because his goldfish died but I couldn't see this idea going very far                                         
second idea was to go with something a little sci-fi sinister and have the clown a test subject about to be fused with a fish to turn him into a clown-fish and to end the scene it would have this hybrid swimming monotonously round in a goldfish bowl. All of which would be in a lab of course

u know clown fish do exist right>
they are the ones like nemo

oh yea i know that, (side note: great film) but i was thinking more of a simple fish with clown features likes its red nose and face paint

that sounds what will the story be behind it? I mean it's a one minute animation which means the story needs to be capturing for the audience. what i mean is that ur 3 components should have a purpose in the story..not just be there

well i was thinking that the clown could be a rather failed clown, no-one finds him funny etc, and so he was selected because he wouldn't be missed and no-one would notice

oohh... a sad story then?

sort of, yea. That is where another idea comes in in which the clown has to perform for survival for the mad scientist whos conducting the experiment. And the prop he is given is ironically the goldfish bowl the clown will end up in.

nice..what if the clown was sent to a laboratory to become more funny but ends up turning a goldfish?
just a quick thought...
oohh!! and it will turn out he performs a lot better when being a goldfish!!
totally random..
whoops that was turning into a goldfish*

indeed random but I like it only thing is the time restraint.

yeah i kinda have the same problem too..
i keep thinking the animation wil only last for a minute but i really want to make my story longer..
but you don't have to show everything in the story
that's what editing is for
u can cut scenes but then again connect them in a certain way

You have a good point there. 

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