Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Step Outline

Act One:
  • Circus tent with strange lights flashing from within it.
  • Inside, a clown is putting on a performance with animal tricks involved.
  • Clown announces the trick but the fish refuses to take part.
  • Clown looks bad, the audience is unimpressed.

Act Two:
  • Annoyed, the clown stares at the fish and instructs it to perform, resulting in him being splashed in the face.
  • Clown with no act starts to perform his usual tricks each of them failing miserably.
  • Fish up-stages the clown by performing the trick.
  • Clown takes credit, fish prepares to end the show with a bang. 

    Act Three:
    • Fish makes another jump knocking over the ring of fire, audience scared.
    • Fire spreads, audience runs.
    • Clown notices fire, tries to put it out but fails.
    • Circus tent turns to ash in seconds, disintegrates and leaves the clown and a satisfied fish in the middle of it all. 

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