Wednesday, 2 February 2011

First Story Ideas

The first story ideas for combining a clown, goldfish bowl and a laboratory.

Idea 1
The clown is sent to a laboratory because he is suffering from depression due to the death of his pet fish. The clown cradles the goldfish bowl and won't let go. He stares into the goldfish bowl and begins to reminisce in his happier (and possibly funnier) days and all the good times he has had with the pet. The memories start to make the clown realise that things will get better and it's not the end of the world which breaks him out of his depressive slump.

Idea 2
Someone is laying on a table in a lab with varies wires and machines hooked up to them. The scene flashes to a clown in a torn costume slumped in a dark ally. The clown was kicked out of the circus for being unfunny and is trying to come up with a way to be funnier. He then has an idea for a stunt that is sure to make people laugh. Returns to the circus and performs stunt in which he dives into a fish bowl. Stunt becomes a success and the clown eventually grows famous. Scene flashes to a court room where the clown is sued for copying the stunt from a TV performer. The clown is back in the dark alley after losing everything. Flashes back to lab where it is revealed the clown is on the lab table. Unidentified people (possibly scientists) are watching his memories through the use of the machines the clown is hooked up.

Idea 3
Clown is kidnapped from circus to be used as a test subject for scientific experiments. In an attempt to gain his freedom the clown proposes that if he can make the scientists laugh then they will let him go free. Scientists agree but if the clown fails they keep him locked up. Clown tries various gags and stunts but nothing works. As a last ditch effort the clown grabs a fish bowl, places the fish inside in a glass of water, and pulls face from behind the fish bowl making himself look funny. Scientists start laughing and the clown uses the chance the slip away out of the door to his freedom.

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