Saturday, 5 February 2011

Story Progression 2

After the chat with Andriana, Kayleigh and Daniel, I created a new idea for my clown, fishbowl and laboratory story:

The scene starts outside a big top tent when suddenly all the lights go out. From inside the tent a strange flashing can be seen flickering on and off through the tent entrance. The scene then goes inside the tent, looking down on a performance from the bleachers. Focusing in more on the performance it becomes clear that a laboratory set is being used by a clown who is pretending to be a mad scientist. He has just pretended to make his partner, a clownfish none the less, a genius and capable of performing tricks having told the audience previously that the fish could not do so beforehand. However when the fish is meant to do his trick of jumping through a ring of fire, he refuses because the clown would get all the credit for the performance, making the clown look bad. The audience sits unimpressed. Panicking, the clown starts to do the typical clown tricks such as making balloon animals, squirting people with his fake flower and cycling around on a small tricycle. The clownfish, seeing the audience is still unamused and wanting to show the clown up, performs his trick. The clown notices and tries to take credit for it. However the clownfish, knowing this would happen, does the trick again only to purposely knock the ring of fire over. The audience looks in horror while the clown is still bowing. As the fire spreads, the audience screams and runs for their lives, which catches the attention of the clown who then realises there is a fire. the clown tries to put it out with a fire extinguisher only to realise it's a prop. The scene then moves outside as the tent goes up in a quick burst of flames and puts itself out. The tent, now ash, disintegrates revealing a blackened clown holding the fishbowl with the clownfish inside, sitting in the middle of the ashes. The fish swims around in a satisfied manner and smiling whilst the clown falls back.

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