Thursday, 3 February 2011

Story Progression 1

Act One:

The clown wakes up, dazed and confused. He struggles to his feet as his vision slowly becomes clearer and he can see where he is. The clown finds himself in a small, in which there are no windows or apparent doors, however one of the walls is made of clear plastic with small holes in it. The clown, approaches the clear wall only to retreat as lights start flashing and shadows of horrific creatures flicker on the walls outside of his small room. He approaches the clear wall again, this time being very cautious, and looks around. He finds that his room is within a laboratory, and at one of the tables is a dwarf like man, with unkept white hair and a particularly dulled lab coat, presumably a scientist. The clown sees the scientist is working on something and as he turns around, the scientist reveals that he is holding a disturbingly deformed creature. From what he can see, the clown can make out parts of a large spider and with several additional humanoid limbs. In horror the clown lets out a loud gasp, drawing the attention of the scientist. The scientist walks over to another table with a small cage and places his new 'pet' inside, and then walks up to the clowns room, grabbing a bag on the way. The clown and scientist exchange looks, before the scientist presents the bag which has a fish inside. He then points to a blackboard depicting a pictographic sum of a clown and a fish becoming a 'clownfish'. The clown, horrified by the revelation, decides he has to escape.

Act Two:

Before the scientist can leave the clown to suffer in torment before his operation, the clown decides to barter with the scientist. If the clown can make the scientist laugh, then he will be free to leave and the scientist won't do his experiment. The scientist ponders on this for a few moments, looking back and forth between the clown and his 'pet' collection. Eventually the scientist agrees but under one condition, the clown has the use a prop, which the scientist will choose for him. Out of cruelty and in hopes the prop choice will scare the clown into failing, the scientist chooses a fishbowl. The clown looks at the fishbowl with some unease but he continues none the less. The clown at first pretends to be an astronaut and jumps from a table pretending he is weightless, only to purposely fall. He looks up at the scientist who is not amused. Discouraged the clown continues still by pulling faces from behind the fishbowl, making him appear distorted and funny. The scientist still remains unamused. The clown, now getting slightly frantic, starts to think hard about what else he could do with the fishbowl. That's when an idea hits him.

Act Three:

The clown fills the bowl with water and places it next to one of the tables. The clown then jumps on the table, lifts his arms up and begins to bend his knees. He quickly looks out of the corner of his eye to see the scientist who is slumped on the other table out of boredom. Panicked and feeling this is his only chance at freedom, the clown jumps forward and dives into the fishbowl, displacing the water, smashing the fishbowl and any chance he had a escape. The scientist is red in the face and furious with the clown for breaking the fish bowl. With the scientist closing in on him, the clown curls up in ball and lets out a yelps and screams before the scene flashes to several hours later. The scientist, cupping his latest creation, drops it into a repaired fishbowl, revealing the fate of the clown (and fish).

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