Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Character Design Tutorial: Drawing Stuff

This week in our character workshop we looked at creating characters out of inanimate objects. Justin gave us each a room from a house and asked up to draw character out of objects in that room. I got the gym.

I started by looking at what was in a gym first, like medals, trophies, etc. and attempted bringing life to them. Then I looked at gym equipment which actually turned out more successful than my original ideas.

The above drawings are my initial ideas for the characters. I quite liked the punching bad being a villain, the boxing glove a hero and the training ball as a sidekick. Justin also gave me a few pointers about manipulating the shape too much as was the case with the boxing glove.

Here are the more finalised version of my three choice; the sidekick training ball being a little deflated to make it look fat and the pump nozzle acting as a mouth. I made the punching bag more angular and gave him a few patches and stitches. I also shortened the boxing glove and used the creases in the leather as 'eyes'.

We also looked at creating some props for our iconic characters. My first attempt was in the right direction but too tidy and my character was disorganised, so i stuck lots of notes and paper onto it to make it suit the characters design.

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Michael - you really need to put up examples of your work on here asap

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