Thursday, 6 October 2011

Character Design: Synopsis V1.0

The evil spy organisation known simply as the D.I.E (Deceptive International Espionage) has had its plans for world domination thwarted yet again by a team of good spies led by secret agent Akali. In retaliation to their constant meddling, the D.I.E initiates a plan to capture the spy team by luring the them into a trap. The trap is successful to a certain degree, capturing four of the five good spies with Akali only just escaping.

The D.I.E procede to put their new prisoners to 'good' use, brainwashing and fitting them with cybernetic enhancement to turn them into evil super agents and to ensure that they would be undefeatable by any do-gooders. Soon enough Akali finds that her former team has reappeared and causing trouble around the world with their new enhancements. Knowing she can't beat the D.I.E and her former team as she is, Akali teams up with a brilliant but strange cyberneticist Dr. Hanz, who provides Akali with the necessary enhancements and gadgets to put a stop to the D.I.E's plans and rescue her team mates.

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Justin Wyatt said...

Ok, that works for your Spyborg Premise. For DIE (nice acronym), you could also play on the use of a die, for their logo, and could be used as a ranking system (1 pip = grunt, 6 pips = the master villain.)
Now, you just need to flesh out your archetypes.

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