Friday, 14 October 2011

Character Design: Week 4 Summary


The evil secret agent organisation D.I.E has stolen a super weapon in which they hope will help achieve world domination. However the weapon requires five key codes that were separated and put under guard.

In order to prevent D.I.E from succeeding, A.C.E agent Akali Chaser must act fast to obtain the key codes before D.I.E agents Sly Specter and Boon, using her new cybernetic enhancements to get the job done.

Character Biographies

Heroine: Akali Chaser
Akali Chaser is an agent within the sceret agent organisation A.C.E. fighting evil-doers from around the world. Little is known about Akali's past and how she came to be a member of A.C.E. is also unknown, but it is presumed she was hired due to her acrobat skills and ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Knowing D.I.E has possession of a super weapon, Akali must undergo cyborg enhancement to stop their plans before it's too late.

Villain: Sly Spector 
Before joining D.I.E, Sly was an amateur thief, capable of stealing near invaluable items due to his inexperience. He was considered a joke amongst higher class thieves, until he attempted to steal a precious gem locked in a vault. Sly was successful in his attempt and made a name for himself. However he mysteriously vanished soon after. Years later, he reappeared, working for D.I.E as a top agent. His most recent assignment must see him become part man, part robot to obtain secrets that have been lost for decades, to further D.I.E's plans to rule the world.

Sidekick: Boon
Sidekick to Sly, Boon is the strongman of the evil duo. Regarded as a top agent in D.I.E, Boon's intimidating appearance demands respect from those who meet him. He was hired into D.I.E purely as muscle, to complete tasks other agents couldn't handle physically. After he and Sly underwent cyborg enhancement, Boon causes the occasional blunder, losing control over his enhancements from time to time due to his simple mindedness not being able to handle everything at once.

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