Saturday, 8 October 2011

Character Design: Synopsis v2.0

I have decided to re-approach the synopsis to my 80's mash up cartoon of secret agents and cyborgs, and I have to say there are quite a few changes, so here goes!


Years ago a weapons tech facility developed a super weapon intended to defend the innocent from the world's evil-doers. However the weapon was deemed to powerful for anyone to possess and was ultimately hidden to prevent it from falling into evil hands.

In the present, the year is 2191 and an underground organisation of evil secret agents known as D.I.E (Deceptive International Espionage) has uncovered the location of the super weapon, planning to use its power to further their goals of world domination. However, the super weapon requires five key codes to activate, each of them separately hidden within encrypted data, and held under guard.

Knowing that finding and retrieving the keys will be too challenging for any regular agents, the mysterious leader of D.I.E selects his top agents, Sly Specter and Boon to take on the mission. In a bid to gain the upper hand against any potential opposition and overcome the challenges of find and retrieving the key codes, Sin and Boon are enhanced with state of the art cybernetics.

With the super weapon stolen, A.C.E (Agents Combating Evil), an organisation of good secret agents dedicated to stopping evil, spring into action to prevent D.I.E from succeeding in retrieving all five key codes. A.C.E dispatches its own top agent, Akali Chaser but after learning that her foe is enhanced and severely outmatches her, she too must don cybernetic enhancements if she hopes to stop D.I.E.


The evil secret agent organisation D.I.E has stolen a super weapon in which they hope will help achieve world domination. However the weapon requires five key codes that were separated and put under guard.

In order to prevent D.I.E from succeeding, A.C.E agent Akali Chaser must act fast to obtain the key codes before D.I.E agents Sly Specter and Boon, using her new cybernetic enhancements to get the job done.

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