Monday, 17 October 2011

Week 5 Summary


In 1982 the body of a young woman was found dead in her hotel room at the Hotel Del Coronado. From the evidence gathered at the time, her death was ruled a suicide but no one could explain why she killed herself.

Nearly 30 years after the apparent suicide a series of mysterious death have occurred in the same room most of which were hushed up to protect the hotels public image. However news on the most recent death had worked its way into the newspaper attracting the attention of an ageing detective. The detective experiences strange phenomenon during his stay at the hotel leading him to uncover a murder building up to a confrontation between the now aged killer and the detective.

Character Triangle

Character Bio's

Name: Annalise (Ghost Woman)
Age: 25 (age at time of death)

Before her death she was an attractive woman, her husband and her were both gamblers and she escaped to the hotel avoid gambling debts waiting for her lover to follow. After 5 days she was raped and murdered, however her death is written off as a suicide. Desparate to unveil the truth of her murder her spirit is tied to this world, however she is bitter and twisted for revenge so she kills all those who tries to contact. She will only rest when she gets her revenge.  

Name: Warren Everett
Age: 49
Many years of experience have made Warren Everett a damn good detective. However years of dealing with the dark underground of the big city has hardened him.  He is cynical about almost everything, and has turned to cigarettes and alcohol to help him cope. One last case, a case like no other, may change his outlook on the world or reinforce his cynical nature.

Name: Eugene Milton Jr.
Age: 55
Eugene Milton Jr inherited the illustrious Hotel Del Coronado from his billionaire father Eugene Milton Sr. Thanks to his inheritance Milton Jr has been rich all his life because the hotel is a massive source of income. The persona Milton presents to the public is proud, business like and welcoming.  However he is hiding a terrible secret and more sinister side to his personality.

Visual Style

Chosen Visual Style: 
  • Set and character design will be influenced by German Expressionism, translating the jagged shapes into the 1920's furniture and architecture.   
  • Black and white footage
  • Lighting Style  - Noir 

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