Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Synopsis v1.0

In 1982 a young woman arrives at the Hotel Del Coronado where she intends to stay until her lover arrives several days later. During her stay she frequents the hotel bar. As the days pass, the likelihood of the woman's lover arriving lessens and with each night she returns to the bar for comfort. On the fifth night, as the woman returns to her room from the bar, she is followed by an obscured figure. As she closes the door the figure stops her and walks into the room. Moments later the woman is raped and as she tries to escape, is then murdered by the obscure figure, the audience seeing only the shadows on the wall and ending with a gunshot. The following day the woman is found in her room with the scene staged to look like suicide.

Every seven years on the day of the apparent suicide, a mysterious death occurs, the victims being men who stay in the room of the murder. The deaths were not common knowledge, but several years following the death of the last victim, a news article is published about it. A detective reads the article about the series of strange deaths and takes the opportunity to investigate them, requesting to stay in the same room as the victims. Although advised by several members of hotel staff, the manager included, he insists that his stay is within this particular room. Throughout the detective's stay, he experiences several odd phenomenon that eventually draws him into the world of the woman who was murdered all those years before. The detective learns the truth behind the strange deaths of men who stayed in the room and begins to learn the truth behind the woman appearances. After some thorough investigation and the events of the phenomenon to aid him, the detective manages to identify the woman's killer.

Compiling his evidence, the detective confronts the manager of the hotel over the woman's death, explaining that he was the son of the previous manager and inheritor of the hotel. Before he was able to take charge of the hotel, he was made to learn the business from the ground up, working as the hotel bartender when the woman stayed in the hotel. As he was in a position of power (being the son of the manager) he forced himself upon the woman and as she tried to escape he shot her and staged the murder as a suicide. In the years after, he covered up the deaths so as not to tarnish the hotels name and ruin his business. 

The manager tries to keep the murder a secret by disposing of the detective but he is lured to the room as the detective escapes. A fight ensues with the manager getting the upper hand but suddenly stops. The manager falls to the floor lifeless, the ghost of the woman having killed him. The woman, having finally got her revenge, is able to rest in peace and pass on to the other side. The detective picks himself, and walks to the door of the room. He turns back for one last look at the room before departing.

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