Thursday, 21 October 2010

Hybridisation complete: Final piece

At last, it's alive... well at least I am with a lot of new features added to my body. The final piece is now complete, after many hours spent researching, drawing, designing and hybridising, it is finally finished. And here it is, along with a record of progression of how it all came to be:

Stage 1: Base drawing in photoshop
Stage 2: outline the skeleton 
Stage 3: Map exterior outline on skeleton
Stage 4: Add detail to exterior outline
Stage 5: Add fur with fur brush tool
Stage 6: Add the skin under the fur
Stage 7: Add the tusks, hooves and claws
Stage 8: Add the additional teeth to the jaw
Stage 9: Add the tongue and mouth detail
Stage 10: Add the eye
Stage 11: Add colour to the fur
Stage 12: Add colour to the tongue and mouth
Stage 13: Add colour to the skin
Stage 14: Add colour to the additional teeth
Stage 15: Add colour to the tusks, hooves and claws
Stage 16: Add background colours and manipulate using filter options

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