Friday, 15 October 2010

Photoshop tutorial: Hybrid pose and layering

Since the last photoshop session I hadn't really progressed a great deal. I was still drawing out the skeleton and adding a base outline of the exterior, so in our fourth lesson I decided it was time to crack on (with the encouragement of Phil) with adding fur and colour to my designs. This is what I got up to:

Initial skeletal outline
This was the original skeleton design for this, just using lines and circles to represent the bones and using minimal detail.
Addition of base outline and palette of colours
Then I moved on to add the base outline of the piece, with a few changes to the designs after the previous weeks tutorial. I decided to humanise the lower leg more as the previous design was too much boar not enough human. I took away the extended heel of the foot and extended the nose/snout to cover more of the exposed lower jaw.
Addition of the fur using my own fur paint tool
Here I started using a fur tool that Phil showed me how to make, and I started to apply it to the outline of my hybrid adding shading where needed and including some fur on the arms which is a new feature I wanted in the design.
Adding colour to the fur
As the final part of the session I started to add colour to the fur using a new screen layer and a dark shed of  brown.

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