Friday, 8 October 2010

Photoshop tutorial: Hybrid body

Week 3 photoshop tutorial and I have started creating the basis for my hybridisation.

Aggressive stance
This first picture was one I had started during the session and finished at home. I used a drawn out sketch of the skeletal structure and mapped around it to create a full body (minus the hands) interpretation of my initial splice idea. Due to boars having a short temper and territorial issues I decided to go with a more aggressive pose.

Make up of the skeletal structure with outline of the exterior body
This second photoshop exercise was designed to look at the skeletal structure of my hybrid and then map on top of that the exterior of the body in minor detail. A couple of things that occurred to me when I did this was that the lower jaw is constantly exposed and the nose/snout was to far back. The heels of the feet were extended to far back for my personal liking so I decide that I will make them more human but in the raised pose a boars hind feet are. Next stop, adding the fur!

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